Our next ‪#‎hauntedsite‬ is the Toowong Cemetery

Our next ‪#‎hauntedsite‬ is that of the Toowong Cemetery.
The cemetery is the resting place for many people including Samuel Wensley Blackall, the second Governor of Queensland. The first burial in Toowong cemetery was that of Samuel Wensley Blackall, the second Governor of Queensland, who served in that position between 1868 & 1871. A Northern Irishman, his previous postings as Governor included exotic places such as Dominica and Sierra Leonne.
He died in office on the 2nd January, 1871 after a long illness. He was much loved and admired. Sir Samuel showed himself to be a man willing to involve himself in worthwhile causes in a time when most British appointed Governors were reluctant to mix with the lower classes. Even though he was only in office for a short term, Samuel Wensley Blackall endeared himself to all the community.
In 1875, four years after Blackall’s memorial was erected, Toowong Cemetery was officially gazetted a place of public burial. His closest friends and in some cases rivals, built their own colossal burial monuments close by so they could remain neighbours – they did not make theirs taller than his out of respect. They instead reserved their rivalry and games for the afterlife…
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