Our next ‪#‎hauntedbrisbane‬ post is on the memorial of boxing great- Peter Jackson who is buried in the ‪#‎toowongcemetery‬.

12039585_1003843199647306_4047582175049243671_nPeter Jackson has a very impressive sandstone memorial in Toowong Cemetery. How he came to be buried in the cemetery is a fascinating story in its own right. Jackson was a prize fighting boxer and is regarded as one of the great sportsmen buried in the Toowong Cemetery. After Jackson’s death in 1901, a fight erupted over where his final resting place would be. Would it be in Brisbane or Roma (where Peter Jackson moved after suffering a career ending injury)? In the end his good friend and trainer Jack Dowridge bought a grave in Toowong Cemetery to settle the fight. The Dowridge family are now buried in front of Jackson’s memorial.

The Dowridge’s gravestone is very small and their resting place is quiet plain. The Dowridge’s resting place is very plain- apart from a simple headstone as to not overshadow their friend. A big public subscription was organised to raise money to build a memorial over the champion’s grave- donations poured in from across Australia. The 130 pounds which was raised (this would be more than $18,000 in today’s money, however few stonemasons today would take on a such a project and it is likely that the memorial would cost 3-4 times that sum now), an enormous sum for the time, would have left Peter overwhelmed.

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