#HauntedBrisbane: The Sexton’s Office

the sexton's office

Our next ‪#‎HauntedBrisbane‬ post in our Haunted Site Series, is on the Sexton’s Office, within the South-Brisbane Cemetery. Within the Sexton’s office, you will find the cemetery caretakers.

However, until 40-years-ago, the South-Brisbane Cemeteries Sexton office, was once an old wooden building, when in times of overflow, was used as a morgue.

Those who cared for the cemetery, had many experiences within the office, where staff lockers had moved away from the walls, and tools specifically – would always go missing.

During “Smoko” workers would often play cards. When they returned, they often found their card hands moved around and their ashtray’s and cups turned upside down.

Once, on a rainy day, one of the grave-diggers was surprised to see the ride-on-mower parked at the front of the office, when he arrived. Another grave-digger appeared from the office, and asked the first fellow if he had moved it. When he replied, he had not, he was just as confused. As he stepped into the office, they heard the mower start. It was a very difficult mower to start-up, but something had started it. As they raced outside, there was no-one around. By all accounts, the Sexton’s Office was a very strange place to work.

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