Discover Nundah’s Historic Heritage this Halloween

This Halloween, Brisbane Ghost Tours will undertake new family-friendly tours, within historic cemeteries, across Brisbane – including Boggo Road Gaol.

Brisbane Ghost Tours Managing Director, Jack Sim said this Halloween is the first-time family-friendly tours will be run, catering for ages 5 and-over, across Brisbane and surrounding cemeteries from Nundah to Toowong and from South-Brisbane to Ipswich.

“Mums and dads have been asking, if they could please bring their kids as they, as adults, have enjoyed the real ghost stories, told in real haunted places.”

“Now they want to share these stories with their children,” Mr Sim said.

This Halloween, families will be able to discover Nundah’s history and surrounding cemeteries, in intimate night tours.

“The tours are founded on real stories, based on real research.

“Our Nundah tour will also see local Brisbane teenager Charlee Stevenson, guiding this year’s Halloween tours,” Mr Sim said.

Charlee Stevenson joined the tours as a young girl re-enacting the local story of Leslie Wegner.

Charlee Stevenson said, families should be a part the Halloween tours, because they’re a part of our history.

“I have grown-up living [with these] legends.

“When I was asked to run the Halloween tours, with Nundah being so close to my heart, I could not say no,” said Ms Stevenson.

Halloween Tours are running at Nundah Cemetery, from 5pm with Charlee, for ages 12 and-over.

For families with younger children, Halloween tours are running at Toowong and South-Brisbane Cemeteries, from 6pm, for ages 5 and-over.

Brisbane Ghost Tours will be running similar tours, for the Christmas school holiday period.

Halloween tours will be running from Sunday, 25th October, until Saturday, 31st October. To book, visit or call 3344 7265.

Halloween tours are in high demand. Bookings are essential.

Media Contact:

Kayla Pratt

Brisbane Ghost Tours Marketing Coordinator

P: 0478 191 901


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