Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour

Dear Ghost Tours

I went with a group of friends to the Boggo Road Goal Ghost Tour on Friday to 13th and it was absolutely excellent. The gaol itself is a perfect venue; it’s very eerie and a little quirky. The stories were interesting and created the right atmosphere and our tour guide, Sam was a brilliant story-teller. There was enough time to have a look around this historic place. It was great to be able to take home a Boggo Road Gaol ghosts book. All of my friends who came with me that night have been talking about how much they enjoyed it and I’ve been getting a lot of credit for organising our evening. We’ll definitely be back for more. If you are planning to go on the tour on a Friday night; I recommend going on the earlier tour as I think the experience is best without another group going in before you.


Excellent Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tour

I went on this tour last week. Really good. A man in 19th-century attire greets you outside an arcade on Adelaide St and then waits until everyone is assembled, takes you around town. He shows you where the old Moreton Bay settlement was, and some other stories. The best story was about the Great Machine. Incredible! I booked twice by accident but got a prompt refund, so they are on the ball. Much better than the paid ghost tours walking around Melbourne. Highly Recommended. It’s just about up there with some of the European city ghost tours. Theatrical also. Impressive! Also his voice…. it built up the adrenaline like a Lovecraft novel! You can tell the tour has been going a long time, it’s very refined.



“Fantastic! Lily, our tour guide, did an amazing job telling the stories and informing us about the jail and its inmates. She has an amazing gift for story telling and setting the mood. Unfortunately we had a group of 15 party people on the tour, which did kill the mood at times but Lily did a fantastic job of carrying on and keeping the show going for the rest of us. The gaol was an amazing site to see and the graffiti in the cells were amazing. Our next tour will be the definitely be the graffiti one to find out more about the artists. Great tour Boggo Road Gaol and brilliant work by the amazing Lilly!”

Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour



“Staff qualified polite well trained. Great tour, great staff, great places to visit, great historic stories, respect the paranormal believer. Not gimmicky not money making. Well worth going.”


South Brisbane Cemetery Ghost Tour

“On the weekend a few friends and I went on the South Brisbane Cemetery Ghost Tour with Brisbane Ghost Tours. Definitely would recommend! It was very interesting and informative. Although nothing ‘spooky’ happened to my friends and I, some people on the tour experienced seeing black figures and took photos where orbs appeared. The tour guide was very informative but at times came across quite rude and blunt. I have been on the Boggo Road Ghost Tour & Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour and know that I will be doing another tour quite soon with Brisbane Ghost Tours!”

South Brisbane Cemetery Ghost Tour


Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour

“Great tour, great history if you want to know more about Brisbane. Isabella was a great tour guide, very friendly and knowledgeable. Loved it, Loved the Boggo road gaol tour I did a year ago also. Will definitely do more tours this year. Granted, that’s if I find friends who aren’t chickens :)”

Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tours – The Original


Excellent Boggo Rd Gaol Tour

“Atmospheric, well researched and presented tour hosted by a knowledgeable and engaged tour coordinator. We have been on several tours with Ghost Tours (this is our second Boggo Rd tour) and each time we go we learn interesting history and enjoy ourselves immensely. Thank you.”

Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour


Haunted Redlands

“This was a bit of fun driving around on the dark country roads of the Redlands searching for haunted sites. There was a also good amount of history with this tour. The tour concluded in the Lutheran Cemetery at Mount Cotton. Lots of fun exploring a cemetery at night.”

Haunted Redlands Ghost Tour (Coach)


Halloween Ghost Tour – Toowong Cemetery

“We did the 10pm ghost tour on Halloween at Toowong Cemetery for something different! Our hostess was knowledgeable, friendly, humorous and theatrical. The walk was not too challenging, we felt safe and it was great to learn about the history of Brisbane’s departed.”

Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour – The Original


Boggo Road

“A friend and I went on the Boggo Road Ghost Tour last night and loved it. Just really sad that the council want to smash done part of it to build this, which will leave no historical places in Brisbane”

Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour