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Ghost Tours are a great activity for a get-together, date night or fun with the family. We have collected our favourite spots to eat and drink before and after a Ghost Tour in Brisbane.

Toowong Cemetery may be a little further out, but close by you have Toowong’s main street filled with your standard fare. If you want to dine in style with an amazing view of Brisbane before or AFTER your tour- we highly recommend Kuta Cafe.

1. Kuta Cafe
ph: 3369 9922 ext 17

Friday 8.00am -11.00pm
Saturday 8.00am -11.00pm

Situated adjacent to the lookout, Kuta Café has an informal atmosphere with sensational views of Brisbane. Offering a varied menu, take a seat on the sun drenched terrace or choose to dine inside where floor to ceiling glass doors allow you to take in the views. There is also a quick serve ice cream area serving a range of popular scoop and packaged ice cream delights to add an extra element of indulgence.

The Gift and Souvenir shop located within the café offers a range of unique Australian gifts as well as an extensive range of popular souvenirs. Be sure to leave some time to browse through and choose a special memento of your visit.

2. Toowong Caltex
Yes – you heard us, we are including a service station. Don’t knock it until you try Toowong Caltex Cookies – they are aaaaamazing! They also have a huge range of drinks, pies and sandwiches for when you want a quick on-the-go snack. 

581 Milton Rd, Toowong QLD 4066
(07) 3870 7838
Open 24 hours

Looking for a filling last meal before you get locked up? Being close to the city, Boggo Road Gaol is close to some excellent restaurants in South Bank, but we only had to look across the road to find a great meal – Ribbetts! 

3. Ribbetts – All you can eat Ribs
167 Annerley Rd, Dutton Park QLD 4102
ph: 3846 3333
Saturday & Sunday 3pm til late

Monday – Friday 4pm til late
Closed all public holidays

Ribbetts Brisbane has the very best takeaway Ribs, Pizza and a delicious variety of sides. Most famous of all they offer Australia’s only all you can eat Ribs, Pizza, Pasta and sides where every single menu item is cooked fresh to order. We are particularly fans of their creamy pastas and absolutely decadent milkshakes!

Ever wondered why there is a fish ad chip shop next to the Cemetery? Dine on fresh seafood, salads and burgers just across the road from South Brisbane Cemetery! 

4. The Fish Kitchen
20 Annerley Road, Dutton Park Q 4102
ph: 3844 7943
Saturday  - get early in before your ghost tour starts as this restaurant gets very busy
Closed all public holidays

WHAT an unexpected treasure – this little fish and chip restaurant is absolutely worth a visit. They have exceptionally friendly staff and top notch food at reasonable prices!



Who likes Pancakes? Who likes ghosts and pancakes?
Brisbane CBD has some excellent places to eat, but our favourite haunt is the Pancake Manor.

5. The Pancake Manor
18 Charlotte St, Brisbane City QLD 4000
ph: (07) 3221 6433
Open 24 hours

We take this historic building in on our Haunted Brisbane CBD Ghost Tour and share some of it’s ghost stories and urban legends. This is a great place to come for dinner before the tour or after tour drinks and snacks.

Trick or Treat! The Origins of Halloween…


As Saturday, October 31st approaches, Ghost Tours unearths the historic origins behind Halloween and today’s most celebrated Halloween Traditions.

History has noted Halloween as a time of celebration and superstition. It is thought to have originated with the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain, when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts.  Over time, Halloween evolved into a secular, community-based event characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating. In a number of countries around the world, as the days grow shorter and the nights get colder, people continue to usher in the winter season with gatherings, costumes and sweet treats.

To Book a Tour for Halloween visit Read more

Media Release: Boggo Road Gaol Redevelopment Update

The redevelopment at Boggo Road Gaol has entered into the next stage.

Calile Malouf Investments, who have the rights for the redevelopment, lodged their development application (DA), on Tuesday 20th October.

Boggo Road Gaol is the last undeveloped heritage site in the inner-city. Its value to the people of Queensland and Australia is immense.

Boggo Road Gaol Pty. Ltd. has held a license to operate tours and events at this historic site, for the past three-years. Boggo Road Gaol Director, Jack Sim – and his staff – have been associated with the jail for 18 years.

To date, we have had more than 50,000 people visit the Gaol on tours, functions and events, Mr. Sim said.

“Over the past-three years, we have developed the Gaol into a vibrant community space”.

“We’ve been in a unique position to gauge the public’s thoughts, as to what they want for the future of Boggo Road Gaol”.

“Visitors and locals want the Gaol to be a major tourist attraction for Brisbane and Queensland – like Port Arthur and Old Melbourne Gaols”, Mr. Sim Said.

To make Boggo Road Gaol a fantastic tourism experience, comparable to these heritage attractions, the remaining cell blocks and cells must be retained, to convey the sites historical significance.

“The proposed markets and entertainment precincts are great ideas. However, the balance between how much of the gaol is adaptively re-used for entertainment, café’s and bars, versus the retainment of cultural heritage tourism is not right”, Mr. Sim Said.

Excellent access for visitors, especially – senior citizens, schools, students and disabled groups – is essential.

The ability to drop these groups literally at the gates, will end with the current proposal.

The Gaol belongs to the people of Queensland. We encourage the public to play their role in Boggo Roads future, by examining the plans and submitting their thoughts.

You can comment on the development application (A004241967), to Brisbane City Council by going to this link

Boggo Road Pty. Ltd. will submit a proposal, in line with the development application process.

We will continue to work with the developers and Brisbane City Council to achieve a positive outcome for all stakeholders.

We have been greatly involved in the process to date. We will continue our liaison, as part of this process, and to share feedback from visitors and tourists alike.

Alternatively, you can contact council directly by:

Phone: 3403 8888


Or Post:

Brisbane City Council
GPO Box 1434
Brisbane Qld 4001

You can follow our latest updates at the Boggo Road Gaol Facebook page:

Tours at Boggo Road Gaol will continue to operate.

To book, visit or call (07) 3844 0059.




Media Contacts:

Jack Sim

Boggo Road Pty. Ltd. Director

P: 0409 617 394


Kayla Pratt

Boggo Road Gaol Marketing Coordinator

P: 0478 191 901



What’s new at Ghost Tours

Either lots has happened, or is happening, since you last toured with us!

To keep up-to-date with the latest Ghost Tours New – including the latest on Group Bookings click here.


#HauntedBrisbane: The Sexton’s Office

the sexton's office

Our next ‪#‎HauntedBrisbane‬ post in our Haunted Site Series, is on the Sexton’s Office, within the South-Brisbane Cemetery. Within the Sexton’s office, you will find the cemetery caretakers.

However, until 40-years-ago, the South-Brisbane Cemeteries Sexton office, was once an old wooden building, when in times of overflow, was used as a morgue.

Those who cared for the cemetery, had many experiences within the office, where staff lockers had moved away from the walls, and tools specifically – would always go missing.

During “Smoko” workers would often play cards. When they returned, they often found their card hands moved around and their ashtray’s and cups turned upside down.

Once, on a rainy day, one of the grave-diggers was surprised to see the ride-on-mower parked at the front of the office, when he arrived. Another grave-digger appeared from the office, and asked the first fellow if he had moved it. When he replied, he had not, he was just as confused. As he stepped into the office, they heard the mower start. It was a very difficult mower to start-up, but something had started it. As they raced outside, there was no-one around. By all accounts, the Sexton’s Office was a very strange place to work.

We take Ghost Tours at the South-Brisbane Cemetery, every Saturday at 7:30pm. Numbers for this walking tour are strictly limited, and tickets often sell-out. To book a tour visit or call us on 3344 7265.

Private tours welcome. Bookings are essential

Discover Nundah’s Historic Heritage this Halloween

This Halloween, Brisbane Ghost Tours will undertake new family-friendly tours, within historic cemeteries, across Brisbane – including Boggo Road Gaol.

Brisbane Ghost Tours Managing Director, Jack Sim said this Halloween is the first-time family-friendly tours will be run, catering for ages 5 and-over, across Brisbane and surrounding cemeteries from Nundah to Toowong and from South-Brisbane to Ipswich.

“Mums and dads have been asking, if they could please bring their kids as they, as adults, have enjoyed the real ghost stories, told in real haunted places.”

“Now they want to share these stories with their children,” Mr Sim said.

This Halloween, families will be able to discover Nundah’s history and surrounding cemeteries, in intimate night tours.

“The tours are founded on real stories, based on real research.

“Our Nundah tour will also see local Brisbane teenager Charlee Stevenson, guiding this year’s Halloween tours,” Mr Sim said.

Charlee Stevenson joined the tours as a young girl re-enacting the local story of Leslie Wegner.

Charlee Stevenson said, families should be a part the Halloween tours, because they’re a part of our history.

“I have grown-up living [with these] legends.

“When I was asked to run the Halloween tours, with Nundah being so close to my heart, I could not say no,” said Ms Stevenson.

Halloween Tours are running at Nundah Cemetery, from 5pm with Charlee, for ages 12 and-over.

For families with younger children, Halloween tours are running at Toowong and South-Brisbane Cemeteries, from 6pm, for ages 5 and-over.

Brisbane Ghost Tours will be running similar tours, for the Christmas school holiday period.

Halloween tours will be running from Sunday, 25th October, until Saturday, 31st October. To book, visit or call 3344 7265.

Halloween tours are in high demand. Bookings are essential.

Media Contact:

Kayla Pratt

Brisbane Ghost Tours Marketing Coordinator

P: 0478 191 901


#HauntedBrisbane: The Nundah Cemetery


Our next ‪#‎HauntedBrisbane‬ post is on Nundah Cemetery. Nundah Cemetery is a heritage-listed cemetery located in the inner Brisbane suburb of Nundah.

The Nundah Cemetery was established in the 1840s by a small group of German Lutheran missionaries who had founded Queensland’s first free settlement in 1938, at Kedron Brook. The oldest headstone dates back to March 1855; none of the wooden crosses that marked the earliest graves have survived.

In 1930 the Greater Brisbane City Council became responsible for the general upkeep of the cemetery and in 1982 the Nundah Historic Cemetery Preservation Association was formed to help monitor and look after the grounds. The cemetery is now closed to new burials; unless the person is to be buried in an existing family grave.

We take Ghost Tours at the Nundah Cemetery on Halloween each year. As these tours are limited tickets often sell out. To book a tour visit our website or call us on 3344 7265.



Tours are filling quickly so book now to secure your spot!

History Tours Australia in conjunction with Brisbane Ghost Tours is proud to announce our newest addition to our tours which will commence in the September school holidays (Thursday 17th September – Sunday 4th October 2015) in Brisbane, Ipswich and Charters Towers. We have been contacted by many customers who have been asking us to start ‘child friendly’ ghost, crime and history tours for many months. With these requests in mind we have developed some tours suitable for those aged 5 and over.

 With over 18 years experience visiting some of the nation’s most historic Haunted Sites, coupled with the ancient art of storytelling, we are proud to share our stories with the people of the future, our children!

 The tour scripts have been altered to include humour, history and fun ghost stories while maintaining a PG rating. Although the tours maintain this rating, anyone 15 or under must be accompanied by an adult.

BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL! To secure a spot on one of our tours please visit our website. or call us on (07) 3344 7265.

Tours suitable for all ages

Boggo Road Gaol History Tour

•Children under 5 Free •Children (5-11) $12.50 •Teens (12-17) $17.50 •Adult Concession $20 •Adult $25 •Family $50 To book the history tour please visit the Boggo Road Gaol website.

Tours suitable for ages 5 and over 

Ipswich Cemetery Ghost Tour •Children / Teens (5-17) $10 •Adults $13 •Adult Concession $11 •Family $40 •1 Hour Tour

Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour 

•Children / Teens (5-17) $10 •Adults $13 •Adult Concession $11 •Family $40 •1 Hour Tour

Haunted Brisbane Ghost Tours – Walk

•Children / Teens (5-17) $13 •Adults $20 •Adult Concession $15 •Family $55 •90 Minute Tour

Tours suitable for ages 12 and over

Bloody Brisbane Crime Tours –Walk

•Teenager (12-17) $13 •Adults $20 •Adult Concession $15 •90 Minute Tour

Boggo Road Gaol Ghost Tour

•Adults $45 •Adult Concession $40 •Teenager (12-17) $30 •2 Hour Tour

If you have a group of 20+ a group booking is available. This group booking includes a private tour with your own guide. Please call our Tour Coordinator on 0401 666 441 for more information.

For media enquiries, interviews, stories and further information about our tours contact Ghost Tours Pty Ltd on (07) 3344 7265 or email


Our next ‪#‎hauntedbrisbane‬ post is on the memorial of boxing great- Peter Jackson who is buried in the ‪#‎toowongcemetery‬.

12039585_1003843199647306_4047582175049243671_nPeter Jackson has a very impressive sandstone memorial in Toowong Cemetery. How he came to be buried in the cemetery is a fascinating story in its own right. Jackson was a prize fighting boxer and is regarded as one of the great sportsmen buried in the Toowong Cemetery. After Jackson’s death in 1901, a fight erupted over where his final resting place would be. Would it be in Brisbane or Roma (where Peter Jackson moved after suffering a career ending injury)? In the end his good friend and trainer Jack Dowridge bought a grave in Toowong Cemetery to settle the fight. The Dowridge family are now buried in front of Jackson’s memorial.

The Dowridge’s gravestone is very small and their resting place is quiet plain. The Dowridge’s resting place is very plain- apart from a simple headstone as to not overshadow their friend. A big public subscription was organised to raise money to build a memorial over the champion’s grave- donations poured in from across Australia. The 130 pounds which was raised (this would be more than $18,000 in today’s money, however few stonemasons today would take on a such a project and it is likely that the memorial would cost 3-4 times that sum now), an enormous sum for the time, would have left Peter overwhelmed.

Join us on a Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tour – The Original to hear this story in full and a number of other creepy ghost stories! By coming on a tour you help our company to do restoration work in Toowong Cemetery and other grave yards.

Our next ‪#‎hauntedsite‬ is the Toowong Cemetery

Our next ‪#‎hauntedsite‬ is that of the Toowong Cemetery.
The cemetery is the resting place for many people including Samuel Wensley Blackall, the second Governor of Queensland. The first burial in Toowong cemetery was that of Samuel Wensley Blackall, the second Governor of Queensland, who served in that position between 1868 & 1871. A Northern Irishman, his previous postings as Governor included exotic places such as Dominica and Sierra Leonne.
He died in office on the 2nd January, 1871 after a long illness. He was much loved and admired. Sir Samuel showed himself to be a man willing to involve himself in worthwhile causes in a time when most British appointed Governors were reluctant to mix with the lower classes. Even though he was only in office for a short term, Samuel Wensley Blackall endeared himself to all the community.
In 1875, four years after Blackall’s memorial was erected, Toowong Cemetery was officially gazetted a place of public burial. His closest friends and in some cases rivals, built their own colossal burial monuments close by so they could remain neighbours – they did not make theirs taller than his out of respect. They instead reserved their rivalry and games for the afterlife…
Hear about the tales from the grave of Blackall on a Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tours – The Original and Toowong Cemetery Ghost Tours – The Other Side. Visit our website for more information on the tours and to secure a spot!