Ravenswood- now a true ghost town, was once a bustling mining town located 45 minutes drive south-west of Townsville . After the discovery of gold in the late 1800s the township flourished, grand buildings were erected and mines brought great wealth to the town. This good fortune was short lived, by 1915 due to World War I and strikes the population dwindled to 500.

What remains of Ravenswood now stands as a beautiful and ghostly remnant of its former glory. The town is a heritage area with 14 sites on the Queensland heritage register including the Imperial and the Railway Hotels, the former court house and the Community Church. Many of these buildings are haunted by its past…

Join us on the first Saturday of each month at 7:30pm for a 2.5 hour historic coach/walking ghost tour through the streets of Ravenswood. Visiting many haunted sites in town, including two of the historic hotels.

Adult: $30.00
Adult Concession: $25.00
Teens (12-17): $20.00

To book a tour head to the Ravenswood Ghost Tours website or call us Ghost Tours Tour Coordinator on 0401 666 441 for more details.

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